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Swine in the Pines Hog Hunting Camp


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Individual Membership: $20.00 annually
Club Membership: $100.00 annually
Corporate Membership: $250.00 annually

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Event Planning

We can help the Event Leaders by providing a Custom spreadsheet layout in Excel to best fit your event to maintaining the spreadsheet for them, it’s like having an assistant you never see. And it can work in both directions, the committee members can have their communiques with us and we send prompt updates to the Event Leader, this helps with any personality issues that may start to develop.

We specialize in Fund Raising Events & Ideas
Hunts – Season Awards
Local Points Race
Fishing Tournaments
and more!

Please Contact Norm Douglas for more information:

Norm Douglas
Web Administrator

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Georgia Hunting & Fishing Federation

Sportsman's Pantry

Kansas Federation of Houndsmen